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NS Zonke Management Consultants was established in 2012 and is 100% black owned. The company is based in Marshalltown. We intend to bring socio-economic development to organisations and the individuals, particularly the youth. We intend to bring awareness of living a high moral social behaviours to individuals. We offer services that add virtue to individuals and organisations. NS Zonke Management Consultants in its humble beginning has engaged with different institutions and community organisation through motivation and skills development training.

Knowledge leadership for a better world


To help individuals to live responsible, making right choices that will enable them to live a life that matters.


To provide education and skills development training based on both life skills and business skills, that will add virtue to individuals eventually to organisations.

All Things Are Possible

NS Zonke 2020 Training Programmes Accreditation: SSETA13387 and ETDP011023